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Download iDeaS.zip (latest version)

IF the main download link doesn't work use this backup server iDeaS.zip 133.44 KB

Whats new in this version of iDeaS emulator?

ideas - Here's the changelog: Fixed a bug in palette settings. Fixed a bug in texture management. Fixed a bug in Z-Buffer management. Fixed a bug in sprite 's tiles selection. Fixed palette errors in Mode 3. Fixed a bug in IRQ DMAs for ARM7 CPU. Fixed a few bugs in firmware language selection (Polarium in Italian, yay!). Added an ini configuration file. Added preliminary key customisation functions.

iDeaS - I have decided to leave again a new version of iDeaS.
The new version contains little improvements like the touchscreen (now DSLINUX keyboard works) and the management of the plugins. Added the plugins for the recording the avi.

- Added Video, Audio and 3D Plugin System (VERY primitive, ask before developing anything!)
- Corrected some DSP ARM9 errors
- Added si9 in ARM9 BIOS

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Load a demo on iDeaS Emulator

- To load a demo on iDeaS open the dialog Open and load in a strictly order 2 files,
first you have to choose the arm9 executable file then the arm7 file.
- If you don't load the second file (arm7 file) the arm7 code will be disabled.
- The arm9 binary will be loaded at the address 0x2004000, the arm7 binary at 0x2380000.

iDeaS Linux & Plugin SDK released!
For all you penguin loving friends, the iDeaS team released a Linux version of iDeaS Please keep in mind this warning from Evrain who is the project manager and beta-tester of iDeaS : Beware though: it is still a preview, so we cannot guarantee it will work at all, but at least we will get some actual feedback... Also, if there are some skilled developpers out there who want to help with this emulator, a Plugin SDK has been released. You can grab the file here.

» Download the Linux version of iDeaS

Quick Refferance - iDeasS Emulator Key Setup

Keys Nintendo DS On PC
D-Up Up arrow
D-Down Down arrow
D-Left Left arrow
D-Right Right arrow
  B Z
  A X
  Start Enter
  Select Shift
  L A
  R S
  X Q
  Y W
Stylus Touchscreen Use the mouse to move and the left button to "touch" the screen.

- Corrected some errors in extended palettes' management
- Corrected an error in sprite drawing routines
- Corrected some errors in Mode 3, 4, 5

- Added Texture Modes 3, 4, 5
- Corrected some errors in 3D FiFo management
- Optimized texture management

- Bug Fixes in TouchScreen management
- Bug fixes in firmware emulation

...and other small things

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