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IF the main download link doesn't work use this backup server DualiS.zip

Notes on main memory (display fifo) mode

The display fifo is at this point not emulated accurately in respect to the hardware. Instead what happens in the emulator is the following:

When display fifo mode is enabled in DISPCNT, at the beginning of a hblank the GPU sends a request to the MMU checking for a properly set up DMA channel (word count=4, repeat on, fixed dest, etc). If no such channel is found, nothing is done. If such a channel is found the MMU will return the DMA source address to the GPU, which in turn copies the data from that address (offset by the current scanline) to the virtual screen.

There's no delay until the next frame starts, as would be the case on a real DS.

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Load a demo on Dualis Emulator

- To load a demo on iDeaS open the dialog Open and load in a strictly order 2 files,
first you have to choose the arm9 executable file then the arm7 file.
- If you don't load the second file (arm7 file) the arm7 code will be disabled.
- The arm9 binary will be loaded at the address 0x2004000, the arm7 binary at 0x2380000.

Whats new in this version of Dualis emulator?

CPU: Fixed a bug in Thumb STRH with register offset
MMU: Fixed accesses to DTCM when it has been mapped within main RAM
GPU: Fixed a bug that closed the emulator when a BG was enabled before the VRAM banks were set up
GPU: Fixed a bug where the wrong screen base block would be used in some cases
GPU: Fixed some OBJ priority issues
GPU: Fixed some luma increase/decrease issues
GPU: Added support for extended palettes on text BGs
GUI: Memory viewer and disassembler now accept arbitrary addresses
GUI: Added an edit function to the memory viewer
(click on a memory cell, enter a new value and hit "Set")
GUI: Fixed a few bugs in the palette and tile viewer dialogs
MMU: Added support for new IPC format (memory tab, IPC version, v2)
MMU: Fixed incorrect size for VRAM bank I
MMU: Fixed accesses to VRAM bank I while in LCDC mode
MMU: Mirrored RTC data to new IPC location (0x23FFxxx)
GUI: Added VRAM bank I to the palette viewer
GUI: Layers can now be enabled/disabled on a per-core basis
...and other small things

Quick Refferance - iDeasS Emulator Key Setup

Keys Nintendo DS On PC
D-Up Up arrow
D-Down Down arrow
D-Left Left arrow
D-Right Right arrow
  B Z
  A X
  Start Enter
  Select Shift
  L A
  R S
  X Q
  Y W
Stylus Touchscreen Use the mouse to move and the left button to "touch" the screen.

DualiS Commandline parameters

-theme <n> Select color theme setting (n = 0..15)

-wincon Makes dualis open up a windows console where it
prints some information.

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