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DUALIS - Nintendo DS Emulator

Dualis is a plugin-based DS emulator for x86/Win32 computers. It is

This version mainly supports ARM9 binaries, which are loaded into main memory at 0x2004000 and excuted. The nds file format is also supported, in which case the ARM9 code is loaded into the address
specified in the header.

What is emulated
ARM946E-S Most armv4 features, some armv5te features.
Caches are currently disabled.
ARM7TDMI Nothing. Video Both screens are emulated.
All color effects are emulated (except for alpha- blending on BGs using extended palettes). The 3D-hardware commands are mapped directly onto OpenGL. 3D hardware emulation is currently fairly limited and only works in OpenGL mode. Audio PCM8, PCM16. PSG is supported for channels 8-15.
Audio is not recorded in AVI captures currently.
WiFi Nothing. IPC Sync register and FIFO are emulated.
SPI Firmware access is partially supported.
Touchscreen input is faked using the IPC method implemented in NDSLib.
Keys All keys are emulated. DMA All channels, nearly all modes.
Timers All timers are emulated in both prescalar and count-up mode.
Interrupts Vblank, hblank, key, DMA and timer interrupts are emulated, though not completely accurate.
CF devices GBAMP (Gameboy Advance Media Player)

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Emulation status

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latest updates to the emulator:

GPU: Fixed rendering of rotoscaled 1D bitmap sprites
GPU: Added support for the master char/screen offset setting (text BGs)
GUI: Map viewer and OAM viewer now support extended palettes
GUI: Map viewer now supports tile flipping
GUI: Map viewer now supports viewing of VRAM banks in LCDC mode
GUI: Fixed rendering of 16-color OBJs with palette number >=8 in the OAM viewer
GUI: Fixed rendering of 1D bitmap OBJs in the OAM viewer


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