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Simply run dsemu.exe and select a ROM from File/Open.

Keys Nintendo DS On PC
D-Up Up arrow
D-Down Down arrow
D-Left Left arrow
D-Right Right arrow
  B Z
  A X
  Start Enter
  Select Backspace
  L A
  R S
  X Q
  Y W
Stylus - Touchscreen Use the mouse to move and the left button to "touch" the screen.

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DSemu Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to compile DSemu for whatever reason, it's quite simple. You'll need a recent copy of Microsoft Visual C++ (I personally use the 2003 free commandline tools), the Windows Platform SDK, and nmake. Just edit the Makefile to reflect where your compiler and Platform SDK are, and then hit "nmake" in the src/ directory.

The ARM7TDMI is a 32bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) CPU, designed by ARM (Advanced RISC Machines), and designed for both high performance and low power consumption.

Fast Execution
Depending on the CPU state, all opcodes are sized 32bit or 16bit (that's counting both the opcode bits and its parameters bits) providing fast decoding and execution. Additionally, pipelining allows - (a) one instruction to be executed while (b) the next instruction is decoded and (c) the next instruction is fetched from memory - all at the same time.

Data Formats
The CPU manages to deal with 8bit, 16bit, and 32bit data, that are called:

   8bit - Byte
  16bit - Halfword
  32bit - Word

The two CPU states
As mentioned above, two CPU states exist:
- ARM state: Uses the full 32bit instruction set (32bit opcodes)
- THUMB state: Uses a cutdown 16bit instruction set (16bit opcodes)
Regardless of the opcode-width, both states are using 32bit registers, allowing 32bit memory addressing as well as 32bit arithmetic/logical operations.


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