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NDS Emulator FAQ + HELP

Colin: I'm trying to get Advance Wars Dual Strike to work on my computer, but I'm not sure which emulator to use. Would you mind telling me?
Reply: At this time there is no DS emulator capable of correctly emulating that rom.

Joey: I have try them all... iDeaS NDS emulator... Ensata DS emulator... Dualis NDS emulator... DSemu NDS emulator... (oke except HyperDS emu) but none of them works! :O .. do you know whats up?! cuz i have know idea... i download the emu's... start one of them... load a .nds ... choose "run" ... and then.. nothing! whywhywhy?! ...
Reply: I can understand your frastration, but as we have warnewd NDS emulators are far from perfect. Have you actualy tried runing ANY of the COMPATIBLE nds roms? Please try a nds roms that is listed as working. To find a list of compatible NDS ROMs visit these pages: ENSTA NDS Roms - iDeaS Compatible NDS Roms - DualiS NDS Roms .
Try runing GoldenEye: Rogue Agent NDS Rom with ENSATA to see that is is working. Be sure to use unaltered clean dumps of roms - nuked/GST releases will not work.

Matt: Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me if there is an emulator that can play the game Castlevania: dawn of Sorrow yet. Thank you
Reply: Nintendo Ensata and iDeaS are the 2 best DS emulators we have, if you have tested your game #DS-GAME-NAME# with them and it doesn't work it most likely means that you eather have to wait for an updated and better version of emulators to come or have to look for NDS Flash Cards that can play most of the NDS roms on the actual Nintendo DS hardware.

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Nintendogs Rom DS emulator
Lisa: Hey, you might get this question often I don't know but I would just like to ask if theres any nintendogs roms that work? if they dont work I dont see why people are sharing them. I've downloaded all the emulators and nintendogs roms and tried but it dosent work.
Is there any chance it will in the near future? whats the problem with the game? someone must have "ripped" it. why rip it if I dosent work?
sorry if I asked a lot of questions :( just curious. thank you anyway. (sorry for the bad english, Im from sweden ;D )

Reply: Hello Lisa and thank you for your question. DS Nintendogs roms that you have are working - it is the emulators that are not as good as we would like them to be. Another thing that many people do not realize is that NDS ROMS are NOT MADE FOR EMULATORS (!) Now isn't that shocking to hear - but it is true. NDS ROMS are made with and made for NDS Flash Cards, that is backup kits that enable users to read out and store DS game cards Read Only Memory (ROM) on PC. Now the mail reason to make a backup of the game (ripp nds roms) is so that it could be written (flashed) to NDS Flash Card and played on NINTENDO DS. See all of the Nintendogs roms that you have (if they are so called "clean dumps") can be played from a flash card like NDS NeoFlash, SuperCard DS, M3 perfect SD-Adapter, G6 Flash, GBA X-ROM and there are many more. So the ROMS are working back on the real hardware with a DS backup kit -- that is why people share them.
Is there a chance to play Nintendogs on PC NDS Emulator - YES there sure is, just look at how all of the GBA ROMs are perfectly emulated. But I can not give you an exact date as to when it will be possible. Eventually it will be possible as you see emulators are being improved all the time. So please ceck bac on or soute for news updates. Menawhile in house for Nintendo licensed developers there are far better versions of the ENSATA than the one we have. So you can be 99% sure that Nintendo has the emulator that can play nearly all games, but do to nondisclosure agreements with game developers we can not get access to it.

Kyle: i try to play nintendogs on my dualist emulator i go open ds then i select it just sits their with a blank screen what do i do please email me in simple instructions to get it to work ive tried 3 roms and they all dont work ??? thanks
Reply: We have been getting a lot of these questions about playing Nintendogs on PC - sorry - at this point that particular rom can not be emulated. To test your NDS emu please try using one of the compatible nds roms - find links to compatibility lists in the above replies. (Example - Cool 104 Joker & Setline, GoldenEye Rogue Agent, Ping Pals Wireless Multiboot Demo + Ensata)

Oscar: I have the romnamer.zip, romname.nfo and romname.nds files and I have many of the Emulators Listed in your site,
None seam to work.

Reply: First I would suggest that you check your game against the list of currently supported ones. Now about the Files - *.ZIP is the archive file in which you downloaded the ROM. In this archive (after unzipping) you will most likely find a *.NDS file (that is the backuped DS game) and you may find some additional files. *.NFO are info files about the release from the group that made the backup, *.JPG files can contain scans of the box and there may be some more miscellaneous files, but the one you need for the emulator is usually the larges one named romname.nds

RomFlasher: What are all the tools that I need to play NDS backups?
This largely depends on if you want only the DS ROM support or you would like to play both DS and GBA roms on your NDS console. If you pick the more simple choice of DS only you need one of these SLOT-1 DS Flash cards: DS Revolution Review , M3 DS Simply , G6DS Real Review vs. M3DS Real and CycloDS Evolution. NeoFlash MK5 NAND and DS Linker, NinjaDS.

Ken: I Am Very Interested In The Development Of Your Emulator, I Was Wondering If You Have A Banner I Could Place On My Site. I Would Also Like To (with Your Permission) Post News About The Emulator On My Site. Thank You
nds emulator.comReply: Linking is one of the basic principles on which internet exists. Trust me - without LINKS there would be no internet, so YES you are 100% free to link to ANY site including ours. (I personally think this should be included in the constitution). Now if you need banners If you need a link button for it please use this one and in case you need a banner image use thisRight click on the image and Save Picture As...  Link to our homepage https://www.ndsemulator.com

John: Where do I download Nintendo DS Roms. Please send me #### DS rom to my email.
We are an emulator site and we do not and will not supply you with NDS roms. We will not send them to e-mail or upload them to you. If you are looking for downloading nds roms go to a website like www.Nintendo-DS-Roms.com or search the Google.com .

An emulator is a program that allows one computer platform (example PC with Windows XP or Win98 and Mac with Mac OS X) to mimic another for the purposes of running its software - in our case Games = DS roms. In order to play Nintendo DS games for Free You will need a PC with Windows operating system + NDS emulator like Ensata, iDeaS, DualiS or DSemu and nds roms.

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