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ensata NITRO Software Emulator

Setting Up and Saving NITRO Software

This section describes setting up and saving ensata project files.

  • ensata Project Files

    By loading an ensata project file (.enp file) with ensata, both the NITRO executable file (.srl file) and the backup memory file (.ram file) can be loaded simultaneously. This feature can be used to create project files with different settings, to run the same NITRO application with different settings.

  • Creating ensata Project Files

    1. Open the Setup/Save NITRO Software dialog window.

    2. Use "Browse" to specify the ensata project file name and save location.

      The file extension is automatically set to .enp.

    3. Verify the name of the backup memory file and the saved location.

      Once the ensata project file name and saved location are determined, the backup memory file name and saved location (shown below the ensata project file name in the window) are automatically set. To change the settings, click on the "Browse" button and reconfigure the settings. The file extension is.ram.

    4. Configure the ensata project file.

      • When the [Auto Save] check box is selected, the backup file status is automatically saved in the .ram file when the .srl is reloaded.

      • When [Save srl file using a relative path] is selected, the path to the .srl file is saved as a relative path from the ensata project file.
        Similarly, when [Save using a relative path] is selected, the relative path from the ensata project file to the .ram file is saved.
        If these items are not selected, absolute paths are used.

    5. Complete creation of ensata project file

      Click on the "OK" button after setup is finished.
      The ensata project file is created and saved with these settings.

Copyright (C) 2004 Nintendo

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