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Main Memory Capacity Settings

ensata NITRO Software Emulator

Various settings for the retail product emulation

  • Main Memory Capacity Settings

  • NITRO's main memory capacity is 4 megabytes, but this can be set to 8 megabytes, the same as the development device.
    Since the ensata.ini file is created in the ensata/Release folder when ensata.exe is started up then shut down once, expand main ram=off is changed to expand main ram=on in the [memory] section.
    When ensata.exe is restarted, the main memory capacity will be 8 megabytes.
    Be sure to set the protection units, etc... used for access with the program.

  • ARM9 Exception Processing
  • By default, when the following exceptions were generated, the execution was halted and a dialog was displayed immediately after executing that instruction.

    • Aborts
    • Undefined instructions
    • BKPT instructions

    This operation can be changed to match the production unit by changing the [exception] section in the ensata/Release/ensata.ini file from break=on to break=off.

  • Executable File
  • This supports TS by default.

    To run a program that was made with TEG, rewrite the section name [whole] in the ensata/Release/ensata.ini file from TEG=off to TEG=on, and execute ensata.exe again.

Copyright (C) 2004 Nintendo

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