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ensata NITRO Software Emulator

DS RTC Settings

Nintendo DS RTC (Real Time Clock) can be set from a dialog window.

The time and date can be set separately.

The date is set with the year, month, and day, and the time is set in the hour, minutes, and seconds.
Select an item to change with the mouse or the Right/Left arrows. Adjust the value with the Up/Down arrows or directly input the number.

To set the date, click on the arrow button next to the date to display a calendar and select a day with the mouse or use the direction keys to select a date and press the Enter key.

To set the time, select an item and use the arrows to the right to increase or decrease the value.

If the "Use Current Time" check box is checked,
the PC system clock values will be used for the date and time.
When this box is checked, the date and time cannot be adjusted.

When finished, click on the OK or Apply button to see the changes.

Click on the OK button to apply the settings and close the dialog box.
Click on the Apply button to apply the settings but leave the dialog box open.

Note:  These settings are valid only for NDS RTC emulation and will not change the PC system clock.

Copyright (C) 2004 Nintendo

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