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ensata NITRO Software Emulator


  • There is no guarantee that NITRO applications that have been debugged and run on the ensata NITRO Software Emulator will also run on the production unit.

  • The Sub Processor (ARM7) processes are not emulated at the binary level. Therefore, no binary code for any Sub Processor can be emulated.
  • An accurate emulation is not implemented for processes in real time. For this reason, be aware that applications that depend on the runtime timing may have large discrepancies on the Nintendo DS system.

  • Two types of engines are mounted for 3D rendering. One is the software rendering engine. Images as similar as possible to those on the production unit are emulated, but because the same algorithms are not used, small discrepancies occur. The other is a rendering engine that uses Direct3D 9. The processing is faster than with the previous engine, but the video board and driver have an effect on the images, so images will differ from those on the production unit.

  • No emulation is available for sprites or lines over for polygons.

Copyright (C) 2004 Nintendo

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