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ensata NITRO Software Emulator

Opening NITRO Executable Files

There are four ways to open a NITRO executable file.
  1. Display the File Open Dialog window by selecting "Open NITRO File" from "Execute" on the menu.
    Select the target file and click on OK to load the file.
    To load .NDS rom in the [Open] window select Files of type -> [All Files (*.*)]
    If you don't you will not see nds roms listed.
  2. Drag the target file from Windows file explorer and drop it on ensata to load the file.
  3. The Reload button will become active the moment that ensata is started and the executable file is loaded. The Reload button is helpful when re-loading the same executable file.

  4. The executable file loaded with ensata is saved in the file history. If you point to "Open Recent" in "Execute" on the menu, you can view the file history.

  5. If the executable file is set as an argument before starting ensata, the program will start with the file already loaded. The file is automatically run if the "-r" option is specified. If there is an ensata program already running when another ensata program is started with an executable file as an argument, then that file will be loaded into the ensata program that is already running.

    .srl and .enp files can be loaded.

Copyright (C) 2004 Nintendo

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