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ensata NITRO Software Emulator

Debug Output Console

Select Debug Output Console from the pop-up menu to open the Debug Output window.
The OS_Printf function is used on the source code, and the results are output into the window.
See the manual included with the SDK for details on the OS_Printf function.

The menu operations available in the Debug Output Console are shown below.
[File]-[Save as...]
Outputs the Debug Output Console contents to a text file
Clears the Debug Output Console display.
[Setting]-[Output log to ...]
If this is selected without a check mark next to [Output log to ...], then a dialogue box to specify the output file name will open.
If a check mark is next to [Output log to ...] when this is selected, the check mark is removed and file output is stopped.
Even if the Debug Output Console is closed while the check mark is present, output to the file continues

DS Game Roms we hopefully will be emulated on Ensata soon

Tales of the Tempest Publisher: Namco | Platform: DS | Genre: Role-Playing
Electroplankton Publisher: Nintendo | Platform: DS | Genre: Puzzle
Super Princess Peach Publisher: Nintendo | Platform: DS | Genre: Action
Age of Empires: The Age of Kings Publisher: Majesco Games | Platform: DS | Genre: Strategy
Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll Publisher: Sega | Platform: DS | Genre: Action
Guilty Gear Dust Strikers Publisher: Majesco Games | Platform: DS | Genre: Action Metroid Prime: Hunters Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo Platform: DS Genre: Action
Pokemon Trozei Publisher: Nintendo | Platform: DS | Genre: Puzzle
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Publisher: Capcom | Platform: DS | Genre: Action
New Super Mario Bros. Publisher: Nintendo | Platform: DS | Genre: Action

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